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Marinko Soče,  JASENSKA LTD  

We chose Georg Ltd. as a partner on our projects, which was a good business decision, as they proved themselves by their quality of service and outstanding skills of the professional team. With their knowledge and experience they successfully met all our requirements.

Marinela Merklin, MERKLIN FAMILY FARM 

Georg Ltd. showed a high level of knowledge, professional conduct and commitment in cooperation with us. Excellent work, fast arrangements, expertise and their respect for our wishes and demands left a positive impression.


We are extremely satisfied with services provided by Georg Ltd. because of their expertise, professional conduct, quality, efficiency, promptness and confidentiality. We are looking forward to further cooperation on future projects.


Municipality of Dubrovačko primorje is extremely satisfied with the services provided by GEORG and cooperation with all of its employees. The service is expert and professional and all our enquiries were answered in a short period of time.



Over the years we have worked with many successful companies, which makes us particularly proud.
Here are only some of them (in alphabetical order):

Agrolaguna d.d., Agronom d.o.o.,  Agroprodukt d.o.o., Agroproteinka d.d., Badel 1862 d.d., Dingač Skaramuča, Igo-Mat d.o.o., Iločki Podrumi d.d., Obrt Kozlović, Obrt Vrhovec, OPG Bedeković, OPG Dražen Gašparić, OPG Frane Ivković, OPG Goran Jankov, OPG Igor Brijačak, OPG Kovačević Robert, OPG Marinela Merklin, OPG Mario Di Giusti, OPG Milenko Šmida, OPG Tamara Pleić, OTP Banka d.d., Pa-Vita d.o.o., Pik Vinkovci d.d., Pik Vrbovec d.d., Piko d.o.o., Pisinium d.o.o., Poljodar-tim d.o.o., Poljoprivredna zadruga Trs, Poljodjelski obrt Ivan, vl. Ivan Čobanković, Poljodjelsko – Prijevoznički Obrt Bronić, Pro Eko d.o.o., Produktkomerc d.o.o., RZ Omega3, Veggie d.o.o., Vinarija Grabovac – Provin d.o.o., Vinarija Kaptol, Vinarija Trs, Vrtovi Voća d.o.o., Vupik d.d., Zigante Tartufi d.o.o., Zvijezda d.d.